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HOPE Didn’t Die, It Moved To Austin

Like most major cities in the US, Austin has its cookie-cutter gentrified areas. For every couple of steps you take, you run into a new development nightmare of an unoriginal high rise or apartment communities.

And yet there are still a lot of great things to do and people to meet that can best be described as genuine. “Keep Austin weird” isn’t fair. It’s a place were trying something outside of the box becomes a real thing. If that city is being taken over by the “too cool”, it won’t go quietly into the night. Continue reading →

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian Schweinsteiger Finding A Huge Difference Between Europe and MLS

In March of 2017, Bastian Schweinsteiger moved from British giants Manchester United to MLS’s Chicago Fire. Schweinsteiger had fallen out of favor with now manager Jose Mourinho and had retired from the German National Team. With few options, as most European players do, he left for the MLS. Continue reading →

Samoa Joe

WWE + Entrance Themes + Creativity = A Fun Little Project

WWE Entrance Album Covers

Personal Project
Vanderhill Instagram Post


I looked for the songs that seem to get the biggest pops when played or ones that went with wrestlers that would be fun to design for. Then I listened to their songs and saw some of their entrances.

Once I did that, I found images to work with and supporting imagery that fit each idea I had for either their personality or the music style. Continue reading →