Samoa Joe

WWE + Entrance Themes + Creativity = A Fun Little Project

WWE Entrance Album Covers

Personal Project
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I looked for the songs that seem to get the biggest pops when played or ones that went with wrestlers that would be fun to design for. Then I listened to their songs and saw some of their entrances.

Once I did that, I found images to work with and supporting imagery that fit each idea I had for either their personality or the music style.

WWE Wrestlmania

After that, I began building the art in Photoshop and Illustrator. I tried to study art styles that worked with the music theme. For example, with Aleister Black (Tommy End), I wanted something that fit his darker in-ring personality and real life love of heavy music. Black metal typography treatment and look seemed to work well. With AJ Styles and The Usos, I went with something that matched the style of music that they used.

End Result:

(in alphabetical order)
AJ Styles – Phenomenal, Aliester Black – Root Of All Evil, Asuka – Future, Bobby Roode – Glorious Domination, Dolph Ziggler – Here 2 Show The World, Enzo Amore – Sawft Is A Sin, Finn Balor – Catch Your Breath, Samoa Joe – Destroyer, The Miz – Im Awesome and The Usos – Done With That