Joey Lawrence Solo Album

There’s Nothing My Love Can’t Fix – Homage to the Joey Lawrence Solo Album Cover

Joey Lawrence… what can you say about him that probably hasn’t been said? He was a child star in the 80’s who, to be honest, seemed like a super talented guy.

He played Joey on Give Me a Break, and as Joey on Blossom. Then, went on to the show Brotherly Love where he played Joe with real life brothers Matthew (as Matt) and Andrew (as Andy). Then in 2010, he was on the hit show Melissa and Joey. Lastly, he played the part of Joseph alongside Melissa Joan Hart who played… Melanie.

I’m not sure how I got to it, but I was listening to Joey’s 1993 self-titled album at work and thought, “I should redo this cover”.

The original (which I will include in this post) is very much a 90’s pop style cover. A studio photo, with a classic backdrop. Lawrence was wearing a vest with no shirt and the weird necklace… it screams 90’s pop album cover. So as far as improving it, I felt there was a lot of room for improvement. The font… was just a font, nothing spectacular and since it’s self-titled… it is what it is.

Joey Lawrence Original Art

My take needed to feel more like a shout out to 90’s album design, then me trying to trash a period in graphic design that I actually liked. I knew I wanted to follow the same idea of the original, simple. If it’s a self-titled album, it’s hard to carry a theme. Pushing a concept for an album that doesn’t have one would seem or feel forced.

Thinking of a way to enhance the photo seemed like a solid starting point. I’ve always liked the idea of making photos feel like fine art. With that being my direction, it seemed like an easy problem to solve and I went water color. I kept the pinkish color from the original photo. For me, the connection that could be made with a Joey Lawrence 90’s photo was BOP Magazine. The thing I remember about seeing those covers in my sister’s room… BRIGHT HOT COLORS!!!

Joey LawrenceTypography-Image-900x563

My focus was how I was going to present the type for the title. Type was the only piece where I could take any chances. At the same time, I wanted to keep that simple and very 90’s as well. I did a mix of script and a decretive san serif. I had thought out some over the top type treatment, but in the end, it just felt like it was too much.

Positive feedback is always welcome…